Big Firm Experience. Small Town Care.

Why McCarthy Law Office? When you need a lawyer, you need the best. For 25 years Scott McCarthy has helped people with family issues, litigate contract disputes, recover losses from injury and wrongful death and manage their mistakes. He is an experienced attorney who knows the system.  He has the passion, breadth of experience and knowledge, that gives his clients their best possible results. Scott has a reputation for sharp, honest evaluations, calling people back promptly, being on time to meetings and court appearances, meticulous preparation for trial and his desire to see their case through so his client's lives can continue on their best possible course forward.

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McCarthy Law Office | Attorney at Law in Milton, WI

Big Firm Experience. Small Town Care.

Scott has big firm experience but is back in Milton where you will get individual attention and care. While at Murphy Desmond (the #1 rated law firm in Madison) from 2007 to 2011, Scott handled an array of tremendously complex litigation and achieved successful results in every case. The firm’s confidence in Scott was best demonstrated when Scott was appointed to the Firm’s Litigation Review Committee to suggest and implement changes to the firm’s litigation processes.

Now that base of experience and knowledge is back in a small town where you can meet and be represented by one of the best attorneys in the state. There are no fancy buildings or parking garages, but that means less overhead and more individual attention. You get the quality offered by a big firm for less money with less headaches.

Scott has been practicing law in Rock County and around the state for more than 25 years. He has established a reputation with attorneys and judges for hard work, intelligence and meticulous preparation of his client’s cases. You will not find an attorney who will fight harder for you than Scott.

As a result of Scott’s hard work through the years, and a reputation for dogged determination, most of Scott’s cases end in a favorable settlement for the client. This saves the client time, money and stress. However, if the other side is unreasonable, Scott shines in the courtroom.  Scott was elected District Attorney for Rock County in 1994 and quickly learned that some cases simply had to be taken to a jury trial to achieve justice.

Scott successfully prosecuted 5 First Degree Intentional Homicide cases. Scott also acted as City Prosecutor at various times in his career for the Cities of Milton, Edgerton and Stoughton. All of this courtroom experience gave Scott a leg up on other attorneys early in his career. That experience has helped form the base for one of the most successful trial lawyers in Southern Wisconsin.

Scott recently won a 3.1 million dollar jury verdict in Chippewa County, Wisconsin in a drunk driving automobile accident case. Scott had the experience and foresight to lock up all of the drunk driver’s assets immediately after the accident guaranteeing a recovery for the client.  Scott’s results in personal injury matters have been published in statewide and national publications.

The same courtroom experience has resulted in significant victories for clients involved in family law matters. Scott has obtained favorable results for clients with very little assets as well as small business owners, large business owners and high income earners.  And although money is important, Scott knows nothing is more important than your children. Scott has worked with the Guardian ad litems in Rock and surrounding Counties for more than 2 1/2 decades. He has successfully litigated child placement issues in both divorce and paternity actions. Experience is critical when hiring a family law lawyer and Scott has it!

Having practiced in a small town for 20 years, Scott has handled virtually every kind of dispute the law has to offer. He has also drafted wills and worked on probate matters. No matter what legal issue you are confronting, give Scott a call. He will be honest with you and initial telephone conferences are free.  If Scott can help, you will have one of the best lawyers in southern Wisconsin. If it is an issue better suited for another attorney, Scott will let you know that and suggest a highly qualified attorney. In his more than 25 years of practice, Scott has established relationships with attorneys in virtually every field of expertise. Take a look at Scott's Bio Page.

Scott’s daughter, Maggie, joined the firm in 2019. Please review Maggie’s BIO page. Maggie has excellent experience in both family law and criminal law. She is tenacious in both her preparation and presentation of a case for trial. Maggie finished in the top of her class at the Marquette University Law School. With offers from many larger law firms, we are lucky to have her.

We look forward to working with you. Feel free to stop by for a cup of coffee or call anytime. Remember the motto –

Big Firm Experience. Small Town Care!