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Why McCarthy Law Office? When you need a lawyer, you need the best. For 25 years Scott McCarthy has helped people with family issues, litigate contract disputes, recover losses from injury and wrongful death and manage their mistakes. He is an experienced attorney who knows the system.  He has the passion, breadth of experience and knowledge, that gives his clients their best possible results. Scott has a reputation for sharp, honest evaluations, calling people back promptly, being on time to meetings and court appearances, meticulous preparation for trial and his desire to see their case through so his client's lives can continue on their best possible course forward.

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Litigation Lawyer

Litigation is just a fancy way for saying an attorney is handling a dispute. The dispute can be between 2 corporations or between a husband and wife regarding placement of their children or property division.

Scott McCarthy has been in practice since 1991 and is one of the most experienced trial lawyers in southern Wisconsin. Scott has taken countless cases to trial in Rock County, surrounding counties and around the State. He has won at every level including the Supreme Court

Scott's success was noticed in 2007 when one of the larger firms in Madison asked Scott to join their litigation team. Scott founded the Janesviille branch of Murphy Desmond and was quickly named to the firm's Litigation Executive Committee where he helped guide the litigation department and the training of young attorneys.

Over the past 2 decades Scott has won multiple million dollar personal injury cases including the largest accident injury verdict in the State in 2009 - 3.1 million dollars! He has also represented multi-million dollar corporations in litigation ranging from the design and construction of runways at the airport in Milwaukee to cases involving storage and use of sensitive information on computer systems.

Although what everyone sees on television is what happens in the courtroom, most cases are won and lost long before the trial and most cases do not go to trial. Scott wins his cases with meticulous preparation. He paints the opponent into in a corner and leaves them with no option except to settle the case in your favor or lose at trial.